#NWTW Week 37: What Makes Malbec…well…Malbec?

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It’s dark, very dark. And it’s big, very big. And it goes well with a steak. This much we know! But what else am I looking for this weekend?

When I was thinking about what to write here, I wanted to think about why some people like it and some people don’t. I guess it’s that there are three things that really typify Argentinian Malbec.

Firstly the colour. Those skins give up a usually really thick dark colour. What can you like or dislike about that? No idea.

Secondly the fruity taste. You’re going to get a big hit of dark fruits that are usually powerful and lasting. For me, I like a wine that has a big taste, makes it memorable. But I get why it can sometimes come across as overpowering.

Thirdly the body. A bit less tannic than the French Malbec, it’s still very thick. But even then it’s thick in a very smooth way. Again, if you don’t like heavy reds, I can understand not liking it.

I’ve also heard that because it fills a space that isn’t actually there in the first place, it’s a bit confusing. There are plenty of big fruity reds knocking around. Did we need another? Well the market doesn’t lie, it’s a top seller, and I’m fully on the bandwagon.




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