#NWTW Week 37: What I’m Eating With My Malbec

week 37 tagliata

Sometimes in life it’s ok to be boring. What do you have with Malbec? Most wine drinkers know the answer to this one. Meat! Keep it red, and keep it as rare as you like!

First time I think I ever drank Malbec was at an Argentinian restaurant chain in the UK called Gaucho. They do everything well. Great steaks, great wines, and friendly (and good looking!) girls and boys as staff. What’s not to like? (Well, it’s actually near as damn it pitch black in the place for some reason, but eyesight aside, it’s great!)

Thing with Malbec is it goes so well with meat! You think about yesterday’s “what makes Malbec” post and what did we say? High, but silky smooth, tannin. Now without trying to make you glaze over, tannins bind together with the proteins in the meat and just add to that richness in the mouth. The fruit lifts it, and the acidity carries it. Lovely!

My (Italian) brother in law is over again tonight, so he’s on steak cooking duties. We’ve bought in a big chunk of flank steak , and he’s going to turn it into Tagliata. With just a side salad I reckon.



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My desert island food! Tagliata!



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