#NWTW Week 36: What We Thought of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

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A nice week back on the New World style whites.  We tried two of the wines off my list, and there was definitely a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc style.  The fruity and fresh wines were great with a bit of the Indian Summer we’re having over here in the UK.

We poured both into glasses, and did what you’re meant to do, have a look at what they look like!  I remember during my exams being told 75% of the whites you try will be a pale, lemon colour.  So I generally can’t be bothered writing it down when it is.  These were, it makes them look refreshing, if not spectacularly interesting.

The smell of the Sainsbury’s TTD was a funny mix of tropical/citrus fruits.  I got gooseberry and kiwi, but the aftertaste when you drank it was a seriously citrusy lemon and grapefruit.  There was a grainy body to it, giving away a bit of stirred in lees like we were expecting.  A very balanced wine, not hugely complex, but I don’t think it’s meant to be to be fair!  14/20.

Next was the Leyda Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Majestic Wine.  Much more full on tropical fruits of pineapple and lychee, and again the extra body on the mouth, but for me (and the missus) the balance wasn’t quite there at the end.  The over-riding finish was lime juice, so on it’s own it was a bit funky for my mouth.  12/20.

The food we had was that prawn and mango salsa combo from the previous post.  I popped them into wraps with a bit of crème fraîche.  Maybe I shouldn’t have done that cos the crème fraîche didn’t work that well.  Also I didn’t get much mango flavor from either wine, but it was light, fresh, and in that sense matched both wines just great.  In fact it improved the second as a bit of fresh lime in the food flattened that finish out a bit.



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