#NWTW Week 36: What I’m Eating With My Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

week 36 prawn and mango

This should be a lovely bevvy to have with a late lunch on Saturday or something like that. Keep the wine nice and chilled, keep it refreshing, and I think it’s a case of keeping the food fairly simple.

Two big things about the wine are that firstly it’s going to be pretty fruity, and secondly it’ll have slightly higher alcohol than most other Sauvignon Blancs out there.

When it comes to matching fruit, you think about what can I put in to pair it well. My missus tends to go a bit nuts when she does the online food shop, I don’t know if it’s cos she’s from near as damn it the Arctic Circle, but she always buys things like mangoes and passion fruit. Suits me this week. I’ll be looking to use both of those in some kind of sauce.

With the alcohol it’s about what you don’t put in. There are a couple of things to avoid if you don’t want the alcohol burn to feel a bit weird in the mouth. That’s chilli heat and sweetness. So bore them off.

One last thing to think about is something I forgot to mention yesterday. Apparently there’s a fashion in Chile to stir in the lees. That basically means to keep some of the residual yeast in there and stir it in to add a bit of body to the wine. So when it comes to what base you want for the dish, something like prawns or chicken will be spot on.

So there you go, it’s going to be a light and fruity (with the sweetness cooked out), prawn dish. Throw in some noodles. Bob’s your uncle!





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