#NWTW Week 35: What I’m Eating With My Aussie Shiraz

week 35 oxtail stew

Pretty easy one this. This wine is big, it’s bold, and it packs a big old punch of seasoning in the palate. Sounds like a load of waffle? Well I just mean it’s likely to be pretty peppery on the taste and it’ll be high alcohol and fat bodied in the mouth.

I’ve just got a delivery of another meat box, and in there I’ve managed to sneak a few pieces of oxtail. So a thick oxtail stew is coming up. Thick, heavy, and full of flavor to match the wine stride for stride.

Got to make sure I season it well for two reasons. The pepper will match the pepper aftertaste in the wine, and the salt (which is a wine’s best mate!) will drag out as much acidity and flavor out of the wine to keep it plenty drinkable.

As a bit of a nod to the eucalyptus flavours that I’m hoping to get hold of, I might add a bit of mint in there too. Only a bit mind.




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Picture reference

The great Jamie Oliver’s great oxtail stew recipe (www.jamieoliver.com)



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