#NWTW Week 34: ON TOUR – The “Non” Verdict on Gavi

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Well in fairness, I am in Italy, so the chance of two weeks of me trying to do something and not have weird village rivalries bugger it up somewhere down the line were slim to begin with.

I mentioned earlier in the week that there were three main white grape varieties in Piemonte. Two of them being Arneis, and (this week’s NWTW) Cortese which is used to produce Gavi.

Little did I know that there’s a big regional battle here between producers of Arneis and producers of Gavi as to who makes the best wine. That’s a bugger for me because I’m sat here in Arneis country and you can’t buy anything from Gavi round here for love nor money. I guess I should have checked, right?

I did manage to find a Piemontese Cortese made here in the Roero, but honestly it was dire. Even in places like this buying a bottle of wine for €2 at a supermarket should have pointed it out early doors. It was cooking wine at best, and dreadful to drink on its own.

So sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m back in the UK this week so I’ll just get hold of some when I’m home and have a go then.

Hope you all had better luck than me!



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Summed up my mood after drinking that Cortese!

6 thoughts on “#NWTW Week 34: ON TOUR – The “Non” Verdict on Gavi”

  1. Very interesting indeed. Arneis was technically a recently re-discovered grape ( over the past 10 years), and Gavi was made for the long time, so it is interesting that there is rivalry. Also, I think they are quite a different wines so the people should be able to get along… There is no such thing as universally “best wine”… Anyway, I’m sure you will have a better luck in UK, and may be one of your next NWTW should be Arneis versus Gavi battle 🙂

    1. I think that might piss my parents neighbours off, but I like your thinking! 🙂

      It’s one of those that the Arneis producers are starting to get consistently good at what they do, and wondering why there is such a difference in the way others see it. The historical thing is massive obviously, but the Italians don’t need many excuses for a regional culinary battle! 🙂

  2. I shudder just thinking about you drinking that wine. When I was living in Italy, there were several other students who would buy the euro cooking wine and drink that instead of even splurging for the marginally better five euro drinking wine. It was revolting.

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