#NWTW Week 34: ON TOUR – Food Pairing With Gavi

week 34 risotto

Gavi’s a bit of a funny one. It goes really well with food that isn’t actually all that easy to get hold of where it’s made.

The big take-homes of Gavi is that the flavours are usually pretty heavy with citrus, so lemons, limes, grapefruit. You do get the odd green apple or even peach in warmer areas, but the citrus tends to be the one that you notice most.

On the taste though, they’re usually bone dry, steely minerality, and with only medium levels of acidity. Might sound a bit tough on paper, but it’s the citrus flavours that make it refreshing to drink.

So, citrus flavours, dry, and minerally. Got to be looking at seafood. As a nod to where I’m sat still, I’m going for a risotto. I’d reckon a seafood risotto would be spot on, but it’s not all that easy (or cheap) to get good fish round here, so it might well be a veggie risotto for me instead.




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Photo References

Rick Stein’s Seafood Risotto and recipe from the BBC



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