#NWTW Week 33: ON TOUR – Barbaresco from Italy

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Right boys and girls, Ant’s all tucked up back in Blighty, so it’s my turn to take over for a couple of weeks and keep NWTW on tour into the end of August.

Barbaresco is one of THE big players in Italian red wines. It’s a little village in Piemonte, just a few kms down the road from another famous little village of Barolo. For me, it’s a perfect afternoon drink, in that you can just keep sipping and never stop! So be careful!

My picks for you to have a look at this week are:


Used to do one, can’t find it online though…

Don’t do one

Taste The Difference Barbaresco @ £8.00 (amazing deal!!!)

Spirited Wines
Riva Leone Barbaresco 2010 @ £14.19

Bruciata Barbaresco, 2007 @ NOK 300


Happy hunting




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  3. Loving the choice this week Mike. The full bodied, hot & spicy Italian reds really get me excited and they account for more filled racks in my cellar than any other country. For an amateur fine wine collector they offer fantastic value for money, more so than any other country. I just checked and I’ve got 8 different Italian wines, 7 of which scored 95 RP points or more and all for under £50/bottle (most for under £40!!) How many other countries could you say that for?

    For a self-confessed Parker-Point obsessive, I used to think Antonio Galloni was over generous, as nothing seemed to score less than 94/95 points. However, the more I read, the more I realised other critics, Monica Larner included, seem to substantiate his high scores. The Italians must just manage to produce consistently high quality, complex vino for a very reasonable price-what’s not to like??

    Tonight’s choice is a particular favourite of mine. Barbaresco shares so many similarities with that ‘King of Wines’ Barolo, but at a fraction of the price. The grape, soil, climate and production techniques are all comparable, but the main difference being it ripens earlier, making it less tannic and more approachable in youth. It’s my go-to wine on a restaurant list, as you’re getting the classic deep and rich Italian character, but ready to drink and at a price that won’t have your wallet squealing into submission.

    There was no other possible supermarket choice this week with Sainsbury’s knocking it out for £8/bottle-a complete and utter steal. I was well impressed with their Italian selection in general and couldn’t resist a bottle of their own brand Amarone for an amazing £16.50 as well!! (a future possible choice Signor Mike?)

    2010 Taste The Difference Barbaresco for £8.

    It has an enticing clear, ruby appearance with a somewhat medium intensity on the nose. There are red cherries and ripe plums on the nose which lead into a remarkably well balanced palate. The tannins haven’t gone completely but have softened loads, and the acidity is just marvellous. It gives way to a subtle red fruit flavour infused with cinnamon seasoning. So much to say for an £8 bottle of wine!

    It went rather well with giant chocolate buttons liberated from my daughters stash.

    Very happy that #newwinethisweek is on an Italian tip for a while;
    -A very satisfied 8/10

    1. Ah John, I’m so happy you liked it, I’m going to pick up a bottle when I get home anyway, even though it’ll be another week

      Definitely fancy Amarone one week

      And buy your daughter some more chocolate!

  4. Barbaresco/Barolo/Nebbiolo would be my desert island wine choice, so I’m all in this week! Barbaresco prices here in the States are pretty close to Barolo prices, so perhaps not as much of a bargain, still they are beautiful wines for the $ spent.

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  6. I too went for the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, at £8 there was no other choice! I made some arincini and away we went:

    Light colouring but with delicious aromas of red cherries, rose petals, leather and dry herb – not rosemary or thyme… Oregano perhaps? Medium-minus body but doesn’t Hal pack a flavour-punch. The palate is slightly underripe cherries and fig, with a lest try edge and a delicious earthiness. The tannins are dry and dusty, acidity is bright and balanced. I am stunned at the layers of flavour for £8 – if you paid £25 for this Barbaresco you would not be disappointed.mive tried and thoroughly enjoyed the Taste The Difference Priorat and this is in the same league… I’m now going to check out more of the higher-end TTD range. One of, if not the best value wines of #NWTW so far. 9/10

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