#NWTW Week 32: ON TOUR – So Why Drink Californian Cabernet Sauvignon?

week 32 France vs USA

Sometimes the choice of wines we have over here in the UK can be a bit of a bugger.  Especially when it comes to trying to convince your mates to have a go at a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve been having a good old think myself.

First there are the different areas that make a good Cabernet Sauvignon that are on the shelves. You can pick up a decent Bordeaux blend. Maybe even something from Chile, well made and usually pretty good value. Well this kind of thinking is missing the point.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a thick-skinned, late ripening grape. It shows off the weather, the soils, and all the rest of that jazz better than most grapes going. Each area will taste different. Heat is the biggest difference. Herby blackcurrants (Bordeaux) in cool climates all the way to jammy and heavy in warm ones (Coonawarra, Australia). Try them all!

Secondly there’s the price. Ok on my picks for the week have been pretty reasonably priced. If you look closely though, two of them are big bulk producers (likely to be good, unlikely to be anything amazing). Also most shops had 3 or 4 wines. 1 was under a tenner. The next were £25 plus.

What can I say to that? Well, how about “get over it!” I’m a firm believer that those I’ve picked that are under a tenner will still be great to drink, but so what if they’re not? Most people will go to a restaurant and buy the most god awful shit for £20, but they won’t pay that for something amazing in a shop?

Hopefully by this stage of the year you’re getting more into your wines. The chance to try something new will be the best convincer you need to try it!



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France or the USA? Cabernet Sauvignon is easier to switch than the politics!



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