#NWTW Week 32: ON TOUR – Guest Verdict on Californian Cabernet Sauvignon

week 32 Hahn

Thanks very much to my future brother in law Mr Paolo Actis for taking it for the team and trying this for me in my absence this week…

“Thanks Mike for letting me guest review the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Hahn Winery.

When I read central coast California, I jumped on my chair….dude, bro, that’s awesome I’ve lived there for four years, I should know everything about the terroir.  Most of vineyards in the Central Coast are inland where they can escape from the morning fog but still get a tiny bit of the ocean breeze.

The Cabernet was full bodied, high in alcohol (14.5º) but very well rounded.  You can sit there and sip on its own, with lovely cherry fruits filling up your mouth well balanced by a hint of chocolate and cinnamon.  It went well with a lovely Sunday roast cooked to perfection by my missus, but it was an outstanding match to the Monday night chicken fajitas.

I give this wine a solid 7.


To finish up give let me give a couple of tourist tips: The Hahn winery is based in Soledad, CA which is pretty much half way between Frisco and LA.  If you stop there for a couple of days after a visit to the tasting room you could go Pinnacles National Park home of the California Condor and the next day plan a hike to Arroyo Seco for probably the best hike of your life.


Cheers indeed Paolo, thanks mate!



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