#NWTW Week 33: ON TOUR – Calling Your Wine “Barbaresco”

week 33 barbaresco

I’ve been thinking, since I wrote the first blog this week, about that Sainsbury’s TTD Barbaresco. £8? How the bloody hell do they manage that? I’ve tried it before and thought it was incredible value for money, as have a couple of NWTW’ers over this week. But how do they manage to sell one of the most prestigious wines in Italy for £8 a bottle?

Well my Dad turned round to me this morning and suggested we’d probably get the answer if we just drove 30 minutes down the road to Barbaresco and asked. Sounded like a plan!

week 33 town barb

We turned up and had a quick stroll around. We avoided the “tasting rooms” like the plague (a very easy way to get ripped off tourist style!) and searched around looking for a producer who’d let us in. It didn’t take that long, and we stumbled into Gigi Bianco’s.

Salvatore was our guide through their different wines and gave us a great guide to what the different Barbarescos are about. Barbaresco can be made from the surrounding areas of any of three villages: Barbaresco, Neive, and Treiso. The oldest and most prestigious (and hence the most expensive) is obviously Barbaresco, but in recent years they expanded the region to include vineyards surrounding the other two villages too.

All of a sudden I worked out why you can produce Barbaresco a lot cheaper than I’d thought. The co-op wines are made from grapes on the outskirts of these extra two villages. Nothing wrong with them, and they’ll still be great entries into the tastes of good Barbaresco. And for £8, you can’t moan at all!

I have to say though, an afternoon with Salvatore and Susanne (the charming hostess and 5th generation owner of the winery) really sold us on the wines of the original town. Split into 25 different vineyards, all with their own separate climates and soils, it was top drawer to see it all infront of you.

week 33 salv and sus

Lovely hosts the pair of them, and their wines blew us all away. True by the time they get to the UK shelves you wouldn’t be looking at much change from £50, but as Ant mentioned about his time in California, you’ve got to treat yourself now and again, right?


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1 – I think it’s that way!
2 – Barbaresco, lovely hill top village with the old fort looking over it all! Nice, huh?
3 – Salvatore and Susanne, and their magnums of Barbaresco!



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