#NWTW Week 31: ON TOUR –What To Eat With Your Californian Chardonnay

week 31 fish pie

I’ve never really been out to the States. I’ve been to New York a few times, and Boston once (don’t remember it at all!), but that doesn’t really count. Most importantly for this week is that I’ve never been out to California, so when it comes to food pairings, I’m a bit stuffed to know what the locals would eat with it. So I’ve had to improvise a bit…

I’ve gone for a British classic dish. I’ve heard the weather’s a tad on the shite side in various parts of the UK at the minute, so here’s one to cheer you all up a bit. The ultimate in comfort food: fish pie!

What I wanted to find was something that was going to be able to cope with both the oaked styles and the unoaked styles that you might have bought. The creaminess of the sauce, the punch of flavor, and the texture and taste of the fish should pair up great no matter which style you’ve gone for.

Time to dig out your mum’s/nan’s old recipe cards and have a go.



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If you don’t have one yourself, here’s a recipe from the Hairy Bikers



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