#NWTW Week 3: What To Eat With Albariño from North West Spain

When I had Albariño in San Sebastian it was with octopus kebabs, smoked cod, and grilled chilli prawn skewers.  I’m not joking, if Real Sociadad were a better team I would want to live in San Sebastian!

Seafood is the big draw here.  It’s the old and trusted pairing method of “what do the locals eat?  Well eat that then!”  It’s the Atlantic coast, there’s more seafood than you can shake a stick at, so job done, right?

Well, kind of.  I recently went to Billingsgate Seafood Market in London with my good mate Dom and my sister’s fella Paolo.  You’ve got to go at 4am on a Saturday morning if you’re going to get the good stuff, so there we were, absolutely out of our minds with tiredness (not as bad for Dom as he has small kids and is used to it!), stumbling around the UK’s fish lovers’ nirvana.  Now I still have a bag of (Ecuadorian) prawns and spanish squid in the freezer, that are getting defrosted and getting the chilli, garlic, and butter treatment.

But I was also thinking of the fruit in the wine.  It got me thinking of my favourite way to cook rabbit.  I love to slow roast Thumper at about 120 degrees for an hour or two, but with fruit crushed all over it.  So apricots and peaches are going in with a good glug of olive oil.  I don’t want it to be too sweet, so will add plenty of salt and pepper and some rosemary.

Having two courses does mean I’ll be eating soup for the rest of the week, but it’ll be worth it…I hope!


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