So left it a bit late this week to try this one, but it’s definitely managed to cure the Sunday-itis.  Despite there being a few hiccups with the food side of things the wine itself managed to live up to expectations.

The missus and I were joined this weekend by my sister Liz, and her fella Paolo, better known as Laolo.  I always get a bit nervous when they come over cos they’re both demons in the kitchen and you kind of want to be on your game when they come over.  So the fact that the squid from my freezer hadn’t defrosted, and I couldn’t get to the butchers before they shut to get a rabbit was a bit annoying.

So I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and do a “big shop” when I popped to Sainsbury’s to go get the wine.  I got hold of the little chilled packets of king prawns and a couple of chicken fillets.  I did the chilli and garlic prawns as I’d planned, and followed it by a sweet and sour apricot chicken.

So let’s start with the wine.  Well given that on the label it says to expect the peach and apricot flavours, with a hint of lime and minerality when you taste it, I wasn’t exactly surprised when that’s exactly what I found.  The balance was great, and it’s definitely a wine that I’d drink on it’s own.  Nice and fruity and very refreshing.  The finish was really pleasant.

Now with the food.  The seafood worked.  The prawns with the hint of chilli and garlic went really well with the minerality and the acidity.  The fruity finish was unaffected and everyone agreed it was a really nice combination.  The apricot chicken however was a bit less successful.  It was a bit too powerful, and just too much chilli heat, it ruined the delicate fruit flavour and yeah, we unanimously decided this was a no go.

So a good wine, very enjoyable on it’s own or with some seafood based nibbles.  Pretty happy with Sainsbury’s contribution here, first of their wines this year I’ve had, and at £7.99 it was great value.


P.S. Sorry there are no photos this week, I was so hungry and just forgot to take any 🙁



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