#NWTW Week 29: The Verdict on Cabernet Franc From The Loire


The tasting session this week was an absolute pleasure.  We’d had a bit of a shocker of a result playing cricket on the Saturday, so that night I set up with a couple of mates and set about drinking a bit more than was probably sensible.  So, hangover Sunday, watched the F1 and the test match, got ready for the trip to Italy, and then ended it up by sitting down with a couple of bottles of Cabernet Franc, some cheese and meats, and my notebook.  A good end to a good day.

We started up with the Cep de Cep Saumur-Champigny from Planet of the Grapes.  The light ruby red colour with a tinge of purple round the sides got me ready for the full on fruity smells of cherry and raspberry.  There was a slight hint of something herbaceous, which is usually a sign that it might not be the ripest vintage, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all.  The high acidity carried the wine in the mouth, and it had a bit more body than I expected, helped by medium levels of tannins.  A nice wine, very drinkable.  7/10.


Next up was the Reserve Des Vignerons Saumur, from Spirited Wine.  This one was slightly smoother and darker, with more redcurrant and dark cherry flavours.  There was a slight spiciness on the tongue when you drank it too.  I would have said it was better balanced than the other, but that’s not an easy comparison.  It’s from just down the road, and the same grape, but a very different style.  Another very easy drinker.  7/10.

With the food?  Well, it was as it was.  Some bits went well with the Cep de Cep (especially the Wensleydale cheese with the cranberries) and some better with the Reserve Des Vignerons (took the garlic of the Boursin and the pepperiness of the salami really well).  Generally I think Cabernet Franc is an excellent afternoon drinker, slightly chilled, with some nibbles.  I’ll definitely do this again.

Hope you all enjoyed yourself.




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