#NWTW Week 29: Cabernet Franc from the Loire

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Following on from a very successful and well received week last time out with German Riesling, we’re keeping with European wine this week, and going for a French red.  And it’s probably not a French red that you’ll have tried much of before on its own.

Famous for making up a small but weighty part of red blends from Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc is grown to great effect as a single varietal (on its own, not part of a blend) up in the massive region of the Loire across central and western France.

Again, a bit of pre-warning needed here, as it’s not the easiest to get hold of.  This is another one where a lot of supermarkets probably won’t stock one.  Again, no offence to them intended, there are so many French reds out there, they’ve got to draw a line somewhere.  So back to the specialised wine shops…

Majestic Wine
Saumur Champigny, 2011, Château de Targé

None in range

None in range

Spirited Wines
Couly-Dutheil ‘Baronnie Madaleine’, Chinon, 2011

Bonnaventure Chinon, 2010
NOK 215

Happy shopping




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