#NWTW Week 28: German Riesling

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Starting this week with a big congrats to Germany for their World Cup triumph.  Let’s be fair, not the most impressive final I’ve ever seen, but they’ve done it, they’ve won it, and (most importantly) they’ve earned their country’s most famous wine export a place as NWTW’s Week 28.  Boys and girls we’re off to Germany for Riesling!

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This’ll be a week that will get people pretty happy.  Riesling, as soon as you know what to look for on a label, is a fantastic wine, made it lots of different styles.  I’m mostly going to go for the dry styles, but feel free to mix it up a bit yourselves and drink whatever you fancy.

This is also the first week this year where we’ve repeated a grape.  In week one we did Aussie Riesling, so here’s a good time to get out your old tasting notes and have a compare.

My picks this week are:

Sainsbury’s Dr Loosen Graacher Himmelreich Riesling, £13.00

Asda’s Dr Loosen Riesling, £7.45

Spirited Wines’ Reichsrat von Buhl Rielsing, Trocken, Pfalz, £13.32

Vinmonopolet’s Dr Loosen Riesling, NOK 100


Happy shopping!



Photo References:

Germans lifting the world cup from the BBC website

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  4. So this week we’re celebrating our favourite friends, The Germans, winning the World Cup. I managed to hedge my bets during the footie and basked in the reflected glory of my wife who’s half Yank and half German- I conveniently forgot I’m full English for 3 weeks after our pitiful demise!

    Riesling is the go-to grape variety for Germany and it’s enjoying a mini renaissance currently, with wine bars, shops and wine schools holding promotions and tastings at will.

    Anthony’s been banging on for a while now about Riesling and in particular the producer JJ Prüm, so I had to see for myself what the fuss is all about.
    I bought a 2011 Kabinett from Roberson Wines for £19.99.

    There’s not much I can say about JJ Prüm that Anthony hasn’t already in numerous great blogs so I’ll just crack on with the wine for a change!

    In the glass it appears pale lemon with a soft green hue. The nose is at first quite tight and restrained but bursts into life with a few swirls. There’s a wonderfully sharp green lime scent at the off but the all-encompassing glorious petrol aromas then take over and it’s Riesling heaven. I absolutely adore and yearn for these chemical odours on a white wine and Riesling’s the daddy for it. The first time I drank a wine with petrol characteristics was a real Eureka moment for me and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve managed to persuade my usually non-wine drinking Mother in Law tonight of the merits of the petrol aromas so stick with it if it first sounds and smells just wrong-it will make sense in the end!

    The palate is extremely well balanced with an almost perfect level of acidity that complements the silky, buttery body of the wine expertly. It’s obvious that this producer is on the top of his game to get such great harmony. The lime is again bullied into submission by the kerosene character, which idles aimlessly in the mouth in no hurry whatsoever to leave.

    I’m starting to understand Anthony’s passion for this stuff and Riesling in general, so I intend to continue into the weekend with a bottle of Grosset Hill tomorrow night, an Aussie version that’s supposed to a real cracker-wish me luck!!

    A Premium Unleaded 9/10

  5. I’m so glad you’re coming round to our way of thinking!! I guess if you didn’t like JJ Prum it would be time to give up on Riesling! At a recent vertical I made the sweeping statement that this is the best wine (any colour, any grape) available for under £20… I don’t think that’s too far off.

    I hope you enjoy the Grosset too – Polish Hill is my favourite New Wold Riesling and I feel the need to go out and buy a bottle immediately (the Watervale is very good too). Enjoy and thanks for another brilliant review!

  6. He gets a bottle for every plug!!

    I’ve got some Polish Hill in the cellar that I’m leaving alone but I got a bottle of the Springvale to get an idea what it’s like-only £20 like the JJ!

      1. A little bit hard to fathom to be honest-quite closed and restrained?? I had a Trimbach tonight though which was a lot more fun and forthright. Think I got spoilt by Mr Prum on Thursday night!!

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  8. One of the main reasons that Riesling is the finest white wine grape in the world is that it shows the terroir it is grown in better than any other variety. It’s also one of the reasons that German Riesling is such a fascinating subject, with myriad microclimates and soil types combining with winemaking variations to produce a stunning range of wines.

    For my wine this week I chose to illustrate this with a bottle of 2011 Keller “RR”.

    Those who know of Klaus-Peter Keller will know that he is one of the finest dry Riesling makers in the world and is one of a few wine makers responsible for a renaissance of quality wine making in the Rheinhessen region (previously best known for bulk wine such as Liebfraumilch).

    His reputation is built on these dry wines (particularly the Grosses Gewächs) from the limestone soil based vineyards around the town of Westhofen – Morstein, Brunnenhäuschen and Kirchspiel and his “Von der Fels” wine is currently making waves in some of the best wine bars and restaurants in London (Sager & Wilde, 10 Cases and Vagabond wines to name a few).

    …so I’ve chosen to ignore all that.

    Those who know a lot about Keller may be aware that he and his father (Klaus…) bored a series of holes through their vineyards to understand the soil composition. It is through meticulous work such as this that they know of the existence and the extent of a seam of iron-rich soil running through the otherwise limestone based Kirchspiel vineyard. Keller could just add the grapes grown from vines in this area to his Kirchspiel Grosses Gewächs but he chooses not to as it would significantly alter the flavour profile of that wine.

    Instead, he produces perhaps his least known wine, the “RR”. This is a wine that he allows to find its own balance (as he is not seeking to label it Grosses Gewächs he does not need it to be “legally” dry) and therefore in most years it tends to have a little residual sweetness.

    The 2011 shows notes far beyond my analytical capabilities but even I can detect floral notes, peach, apricot, orange peel and an intriguing minerality on both nose and palate, with the touch of residual sweetness playing with the acidity to provide a perfect balance. A truly lovely wine.

    It’s a 10 from me (obviously…).

  9. What a bloomin’ great week… I love German Riesling!! I have spent a bit more than usual this week but sometime you gotta go for the best!

    JJ Prüm Riesling Kabinett 2011 (Roberson £19.95)

    Armas of apples, lime, touch of tropical fruit and a hint if honey, all wrapped up in a slate-like minerality and the lightest whiff of petrol. I just over the texture, you can almost crunch in the apples and pineapple, which are given a massive acidic lift of lime juice. The balance is nigh on perfect with a sumptuous off-dry finish. I’ve said before this could the best wine available under £20 and this bottle has done nothing to change my mind. 9/10

    Schloss Lieser-Thomas Haag Lieserer Niederberg Helden Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel (about £35/375ml)

    Schloss Lieser Fairly muted on the nose initially…. Then citrus and clementine with tropical undertones and orange blossom; the more time it spends in the glass the more it opens up. Stunning. Mango, passion fruit, orange peel – amazing body and texture, coats every part of your mouth and stays there. There is a lively mineral note and lazer-beam acidity and wait, now I’ve got the juice from the ripest peach. Absolutely crazy. I am a very happy wino! And I can still taste it… Still… Still… Still… You get the picture! 10/10

    This week is going to take some beating!!

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