#NWTW Week 28: Food Pairing With German Riesling

week 28 laksa

Well as I mentioned yesterday we’re in for a bit of fun with some asian food this week.  Go enjoy yourself.  If you’re a wannabe chef, get down those food markets and cook up a storm.  If you’re not a cook, get the takeaway menus out.  Chinese, Indian, Malay, go for it!  Just remember if you’ve picked a dry style of wine to try, then try stick clear of any chilli heat.  You’ll need a slightly sweet wine to cope with that.

For me, I’ve had my arm twisted by a freebie I got in my meat box this week.  Along with the monthly order, the boys at Field and Flower threw in a Malay Laksa kit.  One of those “just add coconut milk” jobs.

There is the chilli heat, the sweetness of the butternut squash, and the slightly creamy texture of the Laksa itself.  All should be great with my two Kabinetts.  I’m expecting the slightly sweeter of the two will be the better pairing, but we’ll soon find out!



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Photo Reference

A nice looking chicken Malay Laksa from a NZ site



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