#NWTW Week 27: The Great Thing About Chilean Wine Right Now

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If you’re any kind of regular wine drinker in the UK then you’ll have drunk Chilean wine before. Its greatest success has been the ability to stick a bottle of wine on our shelves at £5-£10, in a number of grape varietals, and have them all tasting pretty damn good. What can be better than that?

Well, funny you should ask! We’re now in one of the greatest times of Chilean wines (for wine drinkers like us) because the Chilean producers aren’t happy with being the world’s top supplier of great value wines. They make some serious wines over there and they’re hoping that at some point the rest of the world’s going to take note.

What does that mean for us? Well it means that the prices are going to go up. But just a touch. You’re going to pay £8 for the Taste The Difference Merlot instead of £6 for the base case stuff you’re used to. Two quid difference! The wine is twice as good, I kid you not.

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We’re in a sweet spot as consumers here. Eventually the wines will be recognized as amazing quality and the prices for the good stuff will be up with the best Kiwi Pinots and Aussie Shiraz (I’m not writing US Cab Sav’s, cos they’re just silly expensive thanks to the LA crew!). For now though, we’ve got a chance to try the increasing quality of an entire nation’s wine supply, for bugger all price difference.

Be rude not to, right?



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