#NWTW Week 27: Merlot from Chile (Part Two)

Chile flag

As Ant rightly pointed out in his post, we haven’t had a red wine for a while, so in honour of the country’s footie team being one of the absolute highlights of the soccerball world cup, we’re heading off to Chile, for their take on one of the most famous red grapes in the world of wine; Merlot.

As we’ll see in the rest of the week there’s plenty more to the variety of Chilean Merlot than you might expect, but as ever I’ll try to keep it simple.  More than anything else it’s time to enjoy some velvety smooth reds!

This’ll be my first week where I have to buy the wine at the Vinmonopolet in Norway.  Most of the wife’s family doesn’t drink, so more for us I guess 🙂

My picks this week are:


Taste the Difference Chilean Merlot

Casilliero del Diablo Merlot

Majestic Wine
Santa Rita 120 Merlot, Central Valley
£5.99 (On offer)

Spirited Wines
De Gras Merlot

Santa Carolina Merlot
NOK 152


Happy shopping guys!


6 thoughts on “#NWTW Week 27: Merlot from Chile (Part Two)”

  1. Russell wright

    One if the best Chilean Merlots on the planet….Montes Alpha Merlot…try it if you have not!

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