#NWTW Week 24: Assyrtiko From Greece (Part Two)


Following up from a New World classic, we’re going straight to an Old World legend.  The more famous wine I guess from Greece is Retsina, made in a slightly funky way that makes it another of those “marmite” wines.  We’re not going down that road.  We’re heading to the island of Santorini for the beautiful white wine of Assyrtiko.

Unfortunately, once again, this is not the easiest wine to get hold of.  Most supermarkets will not stock one, so you’ll have to head to the specialist wine shops again.  Sorry about that, but hopefully by this stage of NWTW, you’ll be a lot happier walking into the wine shops and chatting away with the staff there.

My picks this week, where possible, are:


Don’t Do One


Don’t Do One

Majestic Wine

Don’t Do One

Spirited Wines

Santorini Assyrtiko 2011

Assyrtiko by Gaia, Wild Ferment, 2013
NOK 170


Keep you’re eyes peeled, hopefully you’ll find one or two near by.  Make sure you check out Ant’s picks too.

Happy hunting



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