#NWTW Week 22: Food Pairing With Fino Sherry

week 22 cod

Not sure whether I need to ram it home any further. Don’t attempt anything this week without the food! Actually scrap that. For full effect it’s best to try the wine without the food, then try it with. The difference is insane!

What I want is big flavours. Salt is good, spice is good, fried is good. Sounds alright, doesn’t it? With all that in mind, the first thing I’m going to have a go at is salt cod fritters (pictured at the top). Salt cod can be a bit of a pain in the bum cos it just takes a bit of prep, you’ve got to start the day before, but in the end it’s really worth it. It’s so common in Mediterranean cooking, and given Jerez is slap bang on the coast there, sounds like it should be a winner.

week 22 tortilla

The second dish I’m going for is something I always have to order at a Spanish restaurant when I go. I love Spanish tortillas, but my own skills at making them need a bit of brushing up. So no time like the present, right? I’ve found a recipe that is packed with big Spanish flavours (chorizo, piquillo peppers, etc).

This should sort us all out great. If you need a bit more grub though, then fry a few olives and sprinkle some sea salt on them, and maybe do a few prawns in garlic butter.

Hopefully that’ll fill you up, and help you realize that Fino is a lovely drink!




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