#NWTW Week 22: Fino Sherry from Jerez

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Well we’re just going from one international week to the next. Last week we had English Wine Week, this week it’s International Sherry Week. In honour I’m looking to get you all trying an almost forgotten drink, but one that deserves a comeback, it’s Fino Sherry.

I don’t expect that many people to think much more about sherry than that stuff your nan drinks over Christmas as she dozes off in front of Morecambe and Wise re-runs. There is so much more to the world of sherry, and one of the best ways to start is by tasting Fino.

It’s a funny drink. You’ll work out what I mean when you try it. It can smell completely different to what it tastes like. Pair it with the right food though and you’re onto an absolute winner.

Here they are:

Majestic Wine
Pedro’s Almacenista Selection Fino

Pale Dry Fino Sherry

Morrison’s Fino Sherry

Spirited Wines
Don’t do one

La Gitana Fino Clasica
NOK 155


As you can see, one of the upsides that no bugger drinks them, you can pick up entry-level wines for not much over a fiver. So what have you got to lose giving it a try this week, eh?




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