#NWTW Week 21: English Sparkling Wine (Part Two)

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This week, in case any of you have missed it, is English Wine Week.  So now’s the time for you to pop down to your local wine shop and pick up a bottle from Cornwall, Sussex, Kent, heck even Yorkshire’s doing some great stuff these days.

More specifically though, we’re going to be looking at the area that English wine is genuinely making great headway, and that’s with their sparkling wines.

We’ll talk about the where, and the how, and the why during the next few days, but for now, just sit back, have a flick through the wine shops, and pick yourself up a nice bit of fizz for the weekend!

Here are my picks…

Majestic Wine

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée, 2009
(Fantastic offer, 33% off)

Chapel Down Vintage Reserve Brut
(Buy any 6 bottles of any Sainsbury’s wine and get 25% off)

Couldn’t find one

Spirited Wines
Knightor Sparkling Brut N/V

Ridgeview Bloomsbury Brut, 2011
NOK 288


Yeah I know they’re a tad over the usual £10 limit we try to set, but sod it, everyone deserves a treat now and again!


Happy hunting




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9 thoughts on “#NWTW Week 21: English Sparkling Wine (Part Two)”

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  5. Thanks for the tips on where to find them. I’m going to pass it on to my parents in the UK and see if they can bring a bottle or two to me in the US this summer. I would love to taste a bit of good old British fizz 🙂

      1. Thanks! My Dad is always one for a bargain, particularly if it involves good wine, so he’s going to head to the nearest Sainsbury’s and check out if the 25% off deal is still on. If he runs into trouble or can’t find the British bubbly for any reason I’ll give you a shout

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