#NWTW Week 2: Food Pairing With Chilean Carménère

So I’ve had a quick look at the web to see what’s suggested.  It’s basically ranging from a well-grilled rib-eye steak to a cheeseboard.  We’re going to get some deep black fruit, a bit herby, and the occasional bit of red pepper if the tasting notes are anything to go off.

Well this is effectively the start of my honeymoon (well it’s tomorrow officially, but sod it!), so I’m going to go a bit over the top and go for both.  I’m going to pick up the wine choice from Morrison’s, and the one from Majestic and have a bit of a compare and contrast.

I think, as a rule of thumb, any South American red varietal worth its day should go bloody well with a good steak.  I’m going to drink the Errazuiz from the Aconcagua Valley with this one.  Reds from Aconcagua, which is one of the more northerly regions are meant to be higher in alcohol and tannins.  I’m going to start decanting it in a few minutes (I let young wines breath for a few hours to calm the buggers down, just a personal choice.)

As far as the cheese board goes?  Well I’m going to drink the Morrison’s Chocolan from the Maipo with this.  Reds in the Maipo are apparently the most readily ripened, so that just makes me think it might get a bit more jammy fruit than fresh fruit.  So I’m going to pick up a couple of hard and mature cheeses to go with it.

What can go wrong, eh?




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