#NWTW Week 2: Chilean Carménère (Part Two)

Really sorry these recommendations are so late.  I’ve been out of internet reach all week until I got home yesterday.

So to go on from what Anthony’s recommended for Carménère week, I’ve got my picks from the places I’m covering:

Majestic Wine
Errazuiz Carménère, Aconcagua Valley, 2011
£7.99 if you buy any two Chilean Wines

Chocolan, Maipo Valley, 2010

Sainsbury’s Fairtrade, Taste The Difference, 2012

Now I have to say Carménère is a more available wine, and so if you pop into any of these places you’ll have more than one option to go for.  I’ve tried to pick ones that fit the budget and should be at any branch of the shop no matter how big or small.

I’ll probably go for the Morrisons choice because I’ll be picking up all the food for the evening from there too. (I might pop by Majestic too as I’ve had the Errazuiz Merlot in the past and thought it was a great value wine, so hoping for more of the same).


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  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Wine Geek and commented:
    Mike got married earlier this week but has still found time to give you some more Carmenere recommendations… Thanks buddy!

    My only tip here is that I tried the Sainsbury’s wine when I did my Coinstar Challenge post – it didn’t cut the mustard for me!

    Cheers & enjoy #newwinethisweek #NWTW

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