#NWTW Week 19: What I Thought About Hungarian Furmint

week 19 trying

Quite a weird one for me this week.  As I’m sat down to do the write up, I’ve already seen a few comments from others and I’ve seen some of the scores on the poll and I really wonder what went wrong for me here…

Not that the Furmint was bad.  It really wasn’t.  A lovely pale lemon sheen to it, and very fresh green apples and lime zest on the nose.  When I was drinking it you could get the creaminess and what I thought was an almost buttery finish to it, which made me think maybe they’d had a good ol’ play with it in the cellar before releasing.  The finish was incredibly refreshing due to the unquestionably high acidity.  A pleasant and smooth drink, but not one that I could call complex or with an outstanding point of difference.  It’s getting a solid but underwhelming 6/10.

The food was not only really tasty, but also really easy to make.  Chicken, sweated onions, a load of paprika, and bubble it through with chicken stock and sour cream.  Gordon Bennett it tasted good too.  The sour cream lifted the texture to go well with the creaminess of the wine, and the citrus flavour and the paprika actually worked pretty well together.  Again, not a memorable food and wine pairing, but definitely not a bad one.

Possibly the most contentious part of this week was about my rather dubious photography skills.  I always mean to take better pictures, but I’m usually so hungry by the time I’ve made dinner, that I just pop the food on the table and need to be reminded to take the snap before I tuck in.  Hence the really poor lighting and aspects and all that stuff.  The missus, who did photography courses back at college, has sworn to teach me a few tricks.

I think I need them.


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