#NWTW Week 19: Dry Furmint from Hungary

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We really wanted to go off the beaten track for a couple of weeks here at NWTW and head for some of the lesser known areas. Well in fairness, to most wine-o’s Lebanon and Hungary are definitely not off the beaten track, but for most people out there we’re hoping last week and this one will be a new thing for you.

Hungarian wine production is most famous for the Tokaji sweet dessert wines. They are right up there as some of the most complex, beautiful, and sometimes silly expensive wines on the market. If you ever get a chance to try one though….bloomin’ heck….it’s worth it!

This week, we’re going to go for the same grape that a lot of the dessert wines are made from, Furmint, but we’re going to have the dry versions!

My choices this week are:

Majestic Wine
Royal Tokaji, 2011 Dry Furmint (Not on the internet, check at your shop)

Don’t stock one

Don’t stock one

Spirited Wines
Don’t stock one

As you can see, er….not too easy to find one, so maybe have a flick through some local shops.

Happy hunting


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  5. I’ve been a bit rubbish this week and I’m going to come clean… I didn’t manage to snaffle a bottle of dry Furmint, but I did have a wonderful glass of the stuff at 28-50 earlier in the week.

    It was Château Dereszla 2013 from Tokaji and it was great – there was plenty of citrus searing acidity, all backed up with a rich texture and flavours of baked apple, with just a touch of residual sugar. 8/10

    I am certainly going to add dry Furmint to my repertoire and will certainly explore more over the coming weeks and months.

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  7. I’ve been slightly slack this week with the #newwinethisweek review for Furmint as it’s been hectic, bit I did manage to source one bottle last Friday from The Good Wine shop in Chiswick.

    I stumbled across this shop by accident and just wish I had discovered it sooner. It’s got a great selection but more importantly the young guy working there was very knowledgable and gave me some top tips. I asked him, rather doubtfully, if they had any dry Hungarian Furmint and he showed me 3 to choose from!

    I went for the mid ranger at £15.50 with a great name to boot- ‘Ma’d 2012’.

    Unfortunately I made the schoolboy error of not making notes thinking I would remember them today, but as it was a ‘hangover-from-hell’ soothing kind of bottle the details aren’t as forthcoming as I’d have hoped.

    I do recall the Furmint was quite zesty and lively, it showed stone fruit character and had a warm, buttery finish. I’d love to say I noticed the ginger spice and minerality that the web site boasts of, but my port soaked palate just wasn’t having it! (I knew there was a reason I normally write these on Thursday night!)

    A fuzzy 7/10

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