#NWTW Week 19: A Quickie on Furmint

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I got a great reply to yesterday’s blog from Gottfried at Herrenhof winery in Austria. He was saying that he’s bringing back Furmint to its old hunting grounds in Styria (which is a winegrowing region in Austria). I was really chuffed and as ever a bit perplexed that he was reading the blog, I’m really grateful for people taking the time to read it, but I have to say it makes me a bit nervous!

I’m not exactly a world expert on Furmint. I know a bit, enough to give a quick intro, but knowing that one of the pros is reading I’m thinking “ah shit, don’t get anything wrong and sound like a tool!” Gottfried, if you’re reading this one, please feel free to correct me if I mess up. I don’t think I will, but feel free if you feel the need.

Furmint is most famous as a grape for being the main ingredient in the world famous Tokaji. Tokaji is produced by letting the grapes get attacked by the noble rot fungus, splitting the skins, drying the grapes out a bit, and then harvest them and make wine from them. We’ll definitely do a “noble rot” sweet wine at some point in the year and chat about it more then.

Furmint also makes fantastic dry whites. One of the best things about it is that it’s a late ripening grape. The longer the grape can stay on the vine and ripen, then the smoother and more integrated the flavours in the grape will be. The grape’s not in a rush to produce flavours, it can do it slowly. Also the grape manages to keep its (high) acidity making it a fantastically refreshing bevvy to enjoy at pretty much most times during the day (as long as it’s after midday as my mum always says!).

Flavours when the wines are young are generalized as green apple and potentially a bit of citrus fruit. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying an aged dry Furmint, but apparently I’m told the nuttiness and honey just goes mental and beautiful at the same time. The acidity of the wine just lasts and lasts and keeps it fresh for a long time.

I always get so thirsty when I’m writing these blogs!


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