#NWTW Week 16: What Can You Eat With Zinfandel

week 16 tagliata

As much as I really enjoyed last week’s foray into vegetarianism, I think it’s definitely back to the meat counter for me this week.

I’m led to believe that there are few things that go better with a Zin than a juicy steak.  Well I don’t know many better ways to do steak than to pick up some pieces of skirt steak and make Tagliata!  It’s effectively just an Italian way of frying flat pieces of steak.  Fry on both sides pretty evenly for a couple of minutes and then lay to rest (covered in kitchen foil) so that the colours form that beautiful red in the middle, spreading out to the seared brown on the outsides.

Once settled for a bit you thinly slice them and lay out in as imaginative way as you can think.  Keep the sides simpleRocket and Parmesan salad is a classic, but with the Zinfandel I’m going to have a tomato, basil, and balsamic salad.  I want the sweetness of the balsamic to match with the fruit flavours of the wine.  Or at least that’s the theory.

Other things I’ve heard that are worth a try are beef chilli, BBQ pork, and any kind of cured meats.  If you like your bresoala and salami then maybe just stick on that.

Let’s see how we go!

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