#NWTW Week 15: Food Pairings With The Chenin Blanc

week 15 Goat's Cheese

Credit where credits due.  For this week’s food pairings I’ve taken some great advice from Zinfandel Steen, a top wine writer I’ve been speaking with on Twitter.  So thanks so much for the tips!

Tip number one was that the natural acidity in the Chenin Blanc, as well as the full body styles you usually get from South Africa, go really well with vegetarian and cheese tartlets.  So I’m going to go with spinach, broccoli, and goat’s cheese tartlets.

The acidity will cut through the richness of the tart, and the creaminess of the cheese will enhance the stone, and sometimes tropical, fruit flavours.  It’s a usually heavy wine that’ll go well with what is quite a heavy dish.

The other suggestion she gave me was pretty simple.  Just a cheese board full of mild cheeses.  So again the goats cheese will work, sheep’s cheese, maybe throw in a bit of mild Cheddar and Red Leicester.  Again it’s all about the creaminess of the cheeses going well with the weight and fruit flavours in the wine.  I’m going to add a bit of mango or apricot chutney just as the extra kicker.

Let’s see how we go!



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