#NWTW Week 15: Chenin Blanc from South Africa

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With Ant off sunning himself in Devon you’ve got me for a couple of weeks now.  Last week’s Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon is topping the charts so far this year, with a whopping 8.8/10 average.  Thanks to everyone who voted.

For my pick this week I’m staying in the New World, and I want to have another go at the often maligned Chenin Blanc from South Africa.

Chenin Blanc is really the bread and butter white wine of South Africa.  It tends to be made in fairly simply fruity ways, but I’m hoping for a bit of something extra from my choices this week:

Majestic Wine
Rachel’s Chenin Blanc, Boschendal, Coastal Region

Morrison’s Signature Chenin Blanc

Taste The Difference Chenin Blanc

Spirited Wines
Groote Post Chenin Blanc

As you can see, this week really shouldn’t break the bank, so no excuse to get stuck in.

Have great weeks.


12 thoughts on “#NWTW Week 15: Chenin Blanc from South Africa”

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  4. So, South African Chenin Blanc this week, another interesting choice guys and a great bit of back ground info from #PBMMW throughout the week. A fine excuse to venture away from the Loire for my usual Chenin choice.

    After participating in #newwinethisweek for a while now, you slowly realise how recurrent and mechanical your wine selections tended to be. Much too easy to go for the tried and tested than venture to the unknown!

    I chose the Morgenhof Stellenbosch 2012 from Waitrose which I managed to get for £8.99 reduced from £11.99. Waitrose has got to be the only supermarket that stocks the whole spectrum of wine from entry level plonk to finest Grand Crus only a few shelves further along.

    The nose is reasonably pronounced with pineapple aromas, and suggesting a great deal of promise.
    There’s a delightfully big and viscous mouthfeel that inevitably comes from the oak ageing. The pineapple comes through resolutely again on the palate, but the buttery dairy flavours on the end really seal the deal.

    The length tapers off a bit too quickly but it is a 2012 after all. This wine would definitely benefit from the 5 years ageing capability that the back label boasts.

    It went down very well indeed with a plate of saucisson sec, the herbs de provence edging seemingly working well with the thick, creamy body of the wine.

    A delightful 8/10 (bonus point for quality vs. value)

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  6. I love Chenin Blanc from all over the world and it was the perfect opportunity to crack open a bottle of one of my very favourite white wines – the DeMorgenzon Reserve 2010 from Stellenbosch. I’m a fan of the 2011 and 2012 (which thankfully I have a few of each left), but the is was the last of my 2010’s, courtesy of Jez at Wine & The Vine:

    Really interesting nose of melon, peaches, nuts, maybe even marzipan. Lovely zing in the mouth, lots of ripe, sweet honeydew melon and citrus, with a wonderful nutty, long finish. There is beautifully integrated oak and the whole thing is really luscious and almost over the top… but it’s absolutely stunning! 9/10

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