#NWTW Week 14: Food Pairings Cabernet Sauvignon From Coonawarra

week 14 lamb

Before I start going off on a different idea all together, let’s just make one thing clear.  If you like your steak, then just have one.  Nicely grilled, not too well done.  A dollop of butter to baste it.  It’ll be superb with such a big wine like this.

For me though, I fell in love with lamb chump when we had it the other week with Pinotage.  Done the right way it’ll be great with the wines.

What I want here is a strong tasting meat with enough sweetness to carry over the fruit flavours in the wine.  Lamb works as well as anything.  There’s enough acidity in the wine to take care of the sometimes greasy/fatty cut of the lamb.  It’s that fat that will keep the juiciness in the meat that will complement the strong tannins.

I’ve got some chump steaks (effectively just big lamb chops!).  I’ll sear them quickly with some butter, then into the oven at 180 for 10 minutes max.

With the sides I’m going to make a nod to the point of difference in this wine.  The minty and eucalyptus flavours should be kicking around in spades.  I’ll be doing some mushy minted peas and new potatoes.

I’ve cheated with the sauce.  The lads at Barretts the Butcher in Camden handed me a little bit of their yoghurt mint sauce they use for marinades.  Apparently just dilute it a touch and I’m onto a winner.

I’ll let you know!


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