NWTW Week 13: Falanghina From Campania (Part Two)

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Ant’s picked a belter for the first of his two-weeker here.  Even serious wine geeks will struggle to remember the last time they picked up a Falanghina off the shelf!

Falanghina is a white wine from the south west coast of Italy, grown in and around the regions surrounding Naples.  We’ll get to food pairings later in the week, but I’m just telling you now to get ready for some fish.

My picks this week are:

Majestic Wine
Falanghina, Terredora, 2012

Spirited Wines
Bisceglia Falanghina Terra di Vulcano

Sainsbury’s Winemaker’s Falanghina
£4.72 (on sale right now!)

Don’t stock one

Just looking at that list, with an option from Sainsbury’s at £4.72 there’s literally no excuse to not get involved this week!


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