#NWTW Week 11: Beaujolais from, well…Beaujolais!

Flags - France

Yeah I know most people have heard of Beaujolais.  Have you spent much time drinking it though?  Or even made an effort to try the different areas in the AOC (that’s how the French call their controlled wine areas)?  Well hopefully over the next week we can all have a try of a few examples across the region.

Nice thing about Beaujolais is that you’re absolutely guaranteed to be able to pick one up in any shop you go in.  So as much as the below are the wines I’ll be going for, you’ll have the choice no matter where you go.

Majestic Wine
Georges DuBoeuf, Juliénas, Flower Label, 2009

Morrison’s Signature, Fleurie, 2012

Georges DuBoeuf, Brouilly, 2011

Spirited Wines
Domaines des Billards, Saint-Amour, 2011

Don’t worry about the labels, and all the random looking words in them.  I’ll explain all that over the week.  It’s easy enough once you’ve got one or two ideas in your head.  Trust me!




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