#NWTW 57 – Time To Pick What You Want For The Letter F


We’ve got the final five to vote on this week! Scroll down for a brief explanation of each one and get your votes in using the poll below.

Fermentation as suggested by Wine By Ari 

I’m going to pick Carbonic Maceration, which is a method of fermentation used to get light, but deeply coloured reds

Furmint as suggested by Talkavino 

Hungary’s most famous white wine grape, making great dry versions these days

Fortified as suggested by Confessions of a Wine Geek

Maybe port, maybe sherry, maybe vin doux naturels

Fiano Di Avellino as suggested by Duff’s Wines

Southern Italian white grape variety

Franciacorta as suggested by BigAirch

Milan’s answer to the traditional method bubbles

Same rules apply, one vote each, and voting closes at end of play Sunday 22th March.

Get voting!



14 thoughts on “#NWTW 57 – Time To Pick What You Want For The Letter F”

      1. You know what, I will this weekend. Do a bit of a research,that or get one of my crazy family members to fill me in on some exotic thing that only them know about. Could be quite terrifying actually

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