#NWTW 56 – What to Eat With English Still Wine?

56 - Crab Salad

I have a Norwegian wife and an Italian brother in law. Luckily they’ve been in the UK for long enough now to know that English food is amazing. Not a lot of people from outside (infact inside as well) the country know that. We’ve got great meats, vegetables, fruit, and (being an island) great fish when the farcical EU quota system allows us to keep any of it! 

One of the best things on our shores is the shellfish. We’ve got lobsters and amazing langoustines, even though most of them get sent to Europe as no one eats them here!! We’ve also got crabs (no sniggering!).

Most English white wine is aromatic, fruity, and light. I’m expecting quite a kick of citrus flavours. So a cracked crab salad sounds just the ticket.

I’ll simply boil the crab, use the legs and discarded shells to make a little sauce, and serve it with a fresh salad, with shredded apple and a lemon based vinaigrette.

Although as I’m having dinner with my Dad, I might have to think of a second course…



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An amazing looking Alaskan Crab Salad from Mary Ho…mine will not look like this!

10 thoughts on “#NWTW 56 – What to Eat With English Still Wine?”

  1. My mouth is watering right now, you did say the two magic words, shellfish and lobsters.
    By the way, that´s quite a mix a Norwegian wife and Italian brother in law. You´re family is like the U.N

  2. Totally agree, there is definitely very good traditional and nouvelle cuisine food in the UK (Even though there isn’t enough good bread…), even on French & Italian standards we do agree. There’s also historically been great influences from overseas, from the French for a start but also India and the rest of the Commonwealth countries. However I haven’t tried too many English wines, now this is on my list next!

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