#NWTW 56 – British Wine or English/Welsh/Scottish Wine

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There’ll be another post along later this evening about the wines themselves that I’ve picked out for trying this week. But first an apology from me. I was horribly lazy yesterday and used the term British Wine as a catch all term for wines from Britain. It’s been rightly pointed out that that’s wrong, I was just being lazy!

British wine actually refers to “wine” that is fermented in the UK using grape must or any other form of fruit juice that can be brought in from anywhere in the world. It’s not strictly speaking wine in the legal sense of the word.

True wines from the UK are labeled nationally as English, Welsh, or indeed Scottish wines. The grapes are grown, harvested, and processed in those countries.

It’s an important difference and I shouldn’t have been so lazy with my wording.

Sorry about that



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