#NWTW 55 – Time To Pick What You Want For The Letter D


Thanks so much to everyone for the suggestions yesterday. I’ve managed to cut it down to a final five shoot out for what we’re going to pick from. Please use the poll below to vote. The candidates are…


Dão as suggested by The Armchair Sommelier and James Hubbard

DOC slap bang in the middle of Portugal, a couple of hours south of the famous Douro region


Dessert Wines as suggested by Qin Xie

Pretty self explanatory, time to get the cake recipes on the go!


Dolcetto as suggested by Paolo Actis and Frank Cook

Red wine grape from Piemonte in North West Italy


Dornfelder as suggested by Tim Milford 

Red wine grape grown across the German vineyard areas


Douro as suggested by Jane Clare 

The most famous of all the Portuguese wine areas, famous for Port, make fantastic dry wines too



Had to cut a couple that were a bit too wide ranging (e.g. Deutschland and Domaines) as topics as my little brain couldn’t cope with the scope of them! And on the flip side some were a bit too specific so I was worried it might be a bit tricky for everyone to get hold of.

And the Dom Perignan suggestion? Don’t get me wrong, I love your style, but as a poor old wine blogger I’m not sure I could have joined in in my own blog posts! Enjoy those lottery winnings!!

Same rules apply, one vote each, and voting closes at end of play Sunday 22nd Feb.

Get voting!





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