#NWTW 55: Food Pairing With Douro Reds


If you like meat or chocolate, you’re going to love this week!

What are the big things we’re expecting from these wines? Full bodied (big feeling in the mouth), tannic (the grippy stuff on your teeth), and full of ripe fruit. Let’s go with them…

Full bodied wines usually require full bodied food. You’re going to need something you need to chew or something really fat and mouth coated.

Tannic wines are the same. Tannins re one of the biggest contributors to the overall body of the wine, but also you have to think of where they attack your mouth. It’s the teeth and gums. So you want a food that will attack your teeth and gums too, so it can all have a bit of a play together up there.

With ripe fruit you’re thinking about two things. Firstly the fruit. Maybe look to match up those dark fruit tastes with sauces or a jus (middle class shoutout!).

The other thing is that ripe fruit adds a sweetness to the wine. So you can have a play with slightly sweet things.

I’ve got a couple of options in mind…

First up, roast beef, with a red wine sauce, and honey glazed vegetables. I’m pretty sure that ticks all the boxes! That’ll sort me out for the main course!


Next up is something pretty simple but I think you’ll like it. Chocolate! Full bodied, gum friendly, and a hint of sweetness. I think dark chocolate will work well, but I worry a bit about the bitterness. So I’m going to get a selection of different chocolates in and have a go with that too.



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