#NWTW 55 – D is for the Douro!


With a massive 35% of the voting, the winner of this week’s New Wine This Week is the region of the Douro in Portugal.

Arguably Portugal’s most famous wine region, it flanks both banks of the Douro River Valley as it snakes from the Atlantic coast to the West and past the rainy city of Porto, all the way inland and right across to the Spanish border, where it becomes the Duero.

Cool and wet at one end, hot and dry at the other, with plenty of altitude and soil differences throughout as well. It’s a great one to have a go at!

My picks this week are:

Sainsbury’s – Taste The Difference Douro, 2007 @ £8.25

Spirited Wines – Cottas Douro Tinto, 2011 @ £15.47

Vinmonopolet – Niepoort Redoma, 2011 @ NOK 350

Waitrose – Waitrose Douro Valley Reserva Quinta da Rosa, 2011 @ £10.99

Happy hunting!



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