#NWTW 54 – What We Thought Of Catalan Wine Week


3 wines were up this week, and all three from the most famous of the Catalan regions: Priorat DOQ. To an extent I’d messed it up a bit as I’d have liked to have tried a few from round the houses, but 3 wines from the almost-guaranteed-quality of Priorat? I wasn’t going to moan too much.

First up was the Cal Pla from Spirited Wines, priced at £15. Deep ruby look to it, and lovely fruit smells of raspberry and strawberry. It was pretty smokey on the smell too, with a bit of chocolate in the mix too. The smells left me expecting big things from the taste, and the warm peppery tannin started great, but the finish just tailed off a bit quickly for my liking. A very good 14/20.

Next up came the Scala Dei Prior from Waitrose Wine, priced at £17. Same look, and similar smells to the Cal Pla, with a touch more chocolate, but slightly less intense fruit. On the taste it was a bit less peppery, and a bit less full of flavour, although the finish was longer and the 14.5% alcohol was untraceably balanced! Another very good 14/20.

Last up was the ever-reliable Taste The Difference range from Sainsbury’s priced at £10. The look, the smell, the taste, and the finish were all perfectly balanced as I’ve come to expect. Only thing I was thinking was “would I be able to drink this and think ‘Yep, Priorat!’?” The slightly lower acidity also demanded food, although that in itself is not always a bad thing! It was good without being stand out. 12/20.

After the freezer fiasco of the last week, we had a steak strip and rocket starter followed by the roast pork and fried red pepper. The pork and pepper was the standout pairing, enough bite, sweetness, and body to go perfectly with the wines.

Thanks to Nick and Meika for their help drinking and eating. Couldn’t have made it through without you guys!!



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