NWTW #53 – Food Pairing With Blanc De Blancs

#53 - smoked salmon

Wow is this a bit overdue. I know it’s Sunday, and most people are already past their weekend drinking window, but a mixture of a trip to Paris, a crap phone, and no wifi connection meant that I’ve been off radar for 3 days. So I’m playing catch up for a couple of days. Here’s something very simple and light to go with your Blanc De Blancs.

Wine-o’s that I know are, quite rightly, obsessed with Fish and Chips with anything bubbly and made using the traditional method. It always works great, so if it’s Fish and Chip Friday, then go for it!

I wanted something a little bit lighter, basically cos post-Christmas and New Year I’m struggling to see my toes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly tofu and quinoa, but still not too stodgy.

With the wines, I’m expecting lots of acidity, yeast flavours, green fruit flavours, and given most of them are 100% Chardonnay, I’m expecting the wines to have a creamy texture.

I’m thinking something like smoked salmon and cream cheese crackers. Fattiness from the smoked salmon to go with the acidity, cream cheese to go with the creaminess, and the crackers to go with the yeast flavours.

Let’s give it a go!



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