NWTW #52 – What to eat with Amarone?

week 52 duck and cherry

It’s funny actually. I’ve got an ex-colleague and his family coming round for lunch on Saturday, and that’s when we’re going to have the Amarone tasting. I got a text off him last night, chuffed to bits about it being Amarone week. Well my good man, I hope you like what I’m going to pair it with!

Amarone’s got lots of big charachteristics which narrows down your options a bit. The big alcohol means you need to avoid any chilli spice what-so-ever. The tannic body means that, to me anyway, a rare cooked bit of meat is in order. The dark colour and ripeness of fruit gives you a clue to any sauces you might be looking at.

Well that leaves me reaching for another winter classic. Roast duck breast in a stewed cherry sauce.

It’s got everything you want in the wine, and it’s also got lovely sweetness to the meat, which matches the sauce, and the sweet feeling of the ripe fruits in the Amarone.

I just hope my dinner guests approve!



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