NWTW #52 – A is for…..


Great response to yesterday’s primer for the year’s New Wine This Week. Especially for you smart arses who threw plenty of “X” suggestions my way! Unfortunately one or two suggestions had to be disqualified, but they were good efforts to sip under the radar. Some however, including Xinfandel, were not so good!

The plan is to have 5 options each fortnight, and we all have a vote on which one we’d like to do. The winner of the vote gets done, and whoever suggested it gets the option (only if they want) to write some blogs along with me for that week.

So first up we’ve got A, and we need our first poll of the year!

The voting is open now, and closes on Sunday 11th January. We’ll then do the the blogging and tasting 12th to the 18th. Sounds a bit complicated but we’ll get the hang of it!

For now, get those votes in…





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