NWTW #52 – A is for Amarone!

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Claiming the spot for the Letter A is the Northern Italian super red that is Amarone!

Claiming just under 35% of the vote, it beat off a late and strong challenge from Auslese (we’ll have to work out how to fit that in again cos I’d love to do that too!) to claim the honour.

Usual New Wine This Week rules apply, we’ve got a few posts over the week to get us up to speed on Amarone, get some food pairing on the go, and then it’s time to get stuck in over the weekend!

My picks for Amarone are:

Majestic Wine
Amarone Classico ‘Vigneti di Roccolo’, 2011, Cantina Negrar @ £18.00

Marks and Spencer
Amarone della Valpolicella Villalta, 2011 @ £25.00

Sainsbury’s Amarone TTD, 2011 @ £16.50

Spirited Wines
Tedeschi Amarone, Monte Olme, 2007 @ £68.68

Rocca Alata, Amarone della Valpolicella, 2010 @ £15.99

Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, 2010 @ NOK349.90

Amarone Classico ‘Vigneti di Roccolo’, 2011, Cantina Negrar @ £18.99

Happy hunting!




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15 thoughts on “NWTW #52 – A is for Amarone!”

      1. well, I’m actually curious what you would think about the taste of those £15.99 Amarone. It is extremely difficult to produce a good Amarone at that price levels… I hope you wouldn’t mind – I would like to share a link to the blog post about Amarone: http://talk-a-vino.com/2014/02/25/via-masterclass-amarone/ – I hope it will explain my less than enthusiastic attitude…

  1. As an Amarone lover and fairly well educated on the process after a week visiting 13 wineries in Valpolicella this past September I must agree with Anatoli; not only would I not drink an Amarone in the $15-20 range, I would also not buy an Amarone from 2010 or 2011 for several more years. Due to the time it takes to make a proper Amarone the current vintages are 07-08 so it would be the Tedeschi 07 Amarone for me. I do LOVE that A is for Amarone! Great way to kick off the year! Perhaps B will be another awesome Italian wine too! Cheers!

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  7. It feels like a welcome return to normality to be writing a #newwinethisweek review after a particularly hectic Christmas. Moving a family of five and 17 pieces of luggage from London to Sarasota for a permanent holiday was a challenge to say the least!

    As my good wino friends will know, my biggest emigration fear wasn’t whether I’d miss my Sky Sports package or how much factor 50 to bathe my ginger freckles in every day, but the fear of not finding a decent wine merchant that sells something other than Californian Chardonnay and Pinot. Not that I have a problem with anything home-grown, in fact I’m relishing the chance to buy stuff from Napa et al for less than the standard UK extortionate prices, but I wanted to be able to continue with the weekly pleasure that is #newwinethisweek and therefore be able to source stuff from outside of The States.

    Admittedly, I hadn’t been wine shopping in the US for a few years, but my past memories were always that of shelf loads of generic Aussie magnums with kangaroos on the label and similarly bland big-bottle offerings from Cali. What is it with the magnums over here?? I’m used to a magnum signifying something really special, rather than it being a bulk buying tool like it is here?!!

    Anyway, I needn’t have worried, because since my previous wine buying experiences here there has been a newcomer to the market called ‘Total Wine’, and as the locals would say, it’s “Totally Awesome!!”

    I honestly haven’t seen as good a selection of wine from multiple countries and regions before, anywhere. It’s literally astounding. In true American style, the ‘store’ is actually a vast warehouse which makes Majestic look like a corner shop. The first 2 aisles cover everything (and I mean everything) from Old World Europe, including 3 sections on Riesling alone!! (Calm down Wine Geek). The labyrinth of aisles that is US wine then begins which really brought it home to me how little I know about the wines grown here. Due to the shipping costs involved and the ‘boutique’ sizes of most wineries here, we never even get a British toe dipped in the vast ocean that is American wine. I feel a trip to Napa in the offing.

    Before I forget to review the actual wine in question this week (Albarino wasn’t it??), two last things which have to be mentioned about my new found love. Firstly, you can buy anything you like, including craft beers, by the bottle (Majestic take note-the reason you haven’t gained a penny of my hard earned over the years). Secondly, they have a walk-in humidor in every store!! Not just a standard little humidor but a huge room with a complete wall of Romeo Y Julieta cigars-I was in Cuban heaven!

    So I really like the change of format this year with #newwinethisweek, great idea to put it out to the Twitterati to vote on the topic. I’m also chuffed that the organisers even have time to carry on considering the projects they’re both undertaking over the coming months.

    I was expecting to find maybe a couple of this week’s wine available at best, but no, I had 20 different Amarones to choose from in Total Wine, ranging from $34-$110-how this place manages to offer such a vast Euro selection baffles me-their buying power must be immense.

    I chose the 2007 Accordini Amarone for $39.99.

    I was very surprised to find a 2007 for this fairly reasonable price. I wouldn’t even bother opening a top end Amarone less than 6 years old as I think it would be classed as infanticide. This definitely isn’t priced as a top end wine but I had relatively high hopes anyway as the vintage is supposed to be very good.

    The colour’s deep ruby and the nose isn’t as expressive as I’d expected. There’s some intense black cherry there but not the extra tobacco or liquorice bouquet that you might expect-pretty one dimensional unfortunately.

    The tannins have pretty much softened completely and the acidity is still very nicely high. About 10 seconds after it’s swallowed, you get that intense heat from the 15% alcohol, but it’s a comforting, cuddly kind of heat rather than a sharp stinger on the back of your throat. I love it when high alcohol wine gets the heat just right on the palate. I’m too wimpy to enjoy brandy or scotch levels of alcohol unfortunately, but I get a real kick from high strength wine done well. I assume it must be affected here by the rack drying time/techniques used. The black fruits still shows on the palate plus a small hint of cocoa, but not the complexity I wanted.

    I maybe should have decanted it for more than an hour as it really starts to open up in the last third of the bottle, (or perhaps the 15% is starting to kick in!) Anyway, an enjoyable but clearly not top notch version of Amarone.

    It went extremely well with a box of Black Magic bought from the ‘British Shop’ downtown, as everyone knows, Americans just don’t do chocolate!


    1. Now this is what I’ve missed! A review from John!! 🙂 Total Wine sounds incredible, and thank the maker that you managed to find somewhere to get decent chocolate, how’s the cheese situation?

      P.S. The voting poll is on the last post, I decided to move it there this year, good or bad idea?

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