Not Sure We Should Be Doing This In August….Part Two

slope pre work

Firstly, really sorry for the lateness of this post.  We’ve had a few wi-fi related nightmares this past week.  Thunderstorms really do come crashing down the Aosta valley and something’s knocked out our 3G.  Best we can get is dial up (remember that?) which is just bloody painful!  So here I am sat in Bar Italia (natch!) in the local village, the only place with wi-fi for 10 miles around.

We’ve been carrying on regardless over here for the last few days. The weather’s been a bit up and down. It’s hot everyday, but swapping between being overcast and muggy to cloudless sunshine.

Couple of mates here thinking about an early wine harvest, they flowered early this year and the rain has swelled the grapes. Big yields but maybe not the best flavor concentration this vintage. We’ll see.

Kiddy-proofing this place is taking quite a bit of time and energy, but it’s still a good laugh, and the nice thing about the last week is that we’ve really started to see the place coming on great guns.


All about carrying on with the astro turf lawn. Gives the littl’uns a safe place to have a play and cuts down on the mass of insects that are kicking around, especially this time of year. We’ve been filling in the space with rocks, pebbles, and sand, and thumping it all down with one of my Dad’s new tools. Starting to look good eh?

Flattened pre astro


Pushing on with the pathway from the front of the house. The toughest thing about this is working out where to put the patterned flags.

first few flags


The pathway is really coming on and the astro turf is down. Honestly wasn’t sure when I got told that the plan was to go for Astro Turf, but now it’s down, I’m actually a really big fan. It’s really easy and nice to stroll on, hopefully it’ll keep the weeds down, and the it’s prime spot number one for the paddling pool for the nippers.

astro and flags


I started having a go at the slope on the way up to the swimming pool. Me and a couple of mates started it (and didn’t come close to finishing it) 10 years ago, so here we go again! First job was to clear the wildlife out the way!

slope with palates


Next job was to flat it all off, lay the sand down, thump it down and then start laying the flags. Crazy paving steps up the side, grippy flags on the right. Should look great when it’s done.

slope with flags


The missus continued with her job of recoating the pool with a bit of Ronseal protection. I would say it does what it says on the tin, but it hasn’t mentioned “evaporates in the sun in about 5 minutes”, so it’s proving a bit difficult, but starting to look really good.

pool with ronseal


The first day of rest. Got a mate over for a couple of days, so we’re giving ourselves a bit of a break. Heading off to the village of Nieve, a couple of local wineries, and then off to dinner down the road tonight.

All about sleeping, chilling out, and getting the energy back up for the next big push!




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