Not Sure We Should Be Doing This In August….Part Three

P3 house

Well it’s not all been hard work this last week. Start of the week I had a mate staying with us for a few days, which gave us a great excuse to take a few days off and do what the Italians do best, which is eat, drink, and generally enjoy life.

The weather’s stayed a pretty consistent sunny with temperature in the mid 30s, apart from another couple of rolling thunderstorms down the valley. On the plus side my wife and parents are getting great tans. On the down side I’m spending a small fortune on factor 50!

My main job all week has been this (arsehole of a) slope. It really is a monkey on my back. I started work on it 10 years ago with a couple of mates after uni ended. Of course we did all of jack shit back then, so it’s just been taunting me ever since. And obviously my Dad has never mentioned it either…much!

P3 slope

As you can see, the flags on the slope are now down. I reckon I’ve probably spent 5 minutes every morning just stood there looking at it. I’m pretty chuffed with my handy work there! With all this good feeling I thought I’d start again on the steps to the left. This is where I’d got to by close of play this morning…

P3 step

Honestly, if I manage to finish these buggers too I think I’ll commission myself a small commemorative medal when I get home.

P3 flags

Dad’s been resolutely continuing with laying flags on the driveway. I’m pretty chuffed that he’s pretty chuffed with the progress. He doesn’t say it much, but when he comes home from the shops with a couple of hammocks for him and Mum to sleep all afternoon, you know he’s not exactly feeling the pressure! I had those hammocks up in double quick time, with a little help from her majesty…

P3 Poppy

The wife’s finished the job no-one else wanted to do, that being repainting the decking round the pool. She’s just earned herself another bottle of Arneis!

P3 decking

My only worry is that apparently my first few bottles of 2012 Primeur have turned up and I’ve not even had a look at the cellar. Maybe this year I’ll have to just drink them, eh?




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