NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: A Quickie With Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz


Last week I got the chance to head out to Champagne on the train and visit Champagne Deutz.  Amongst the fine bubbles, great food, and wonderful setting, I managed to find time to have a chat with Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz, the great great grandson of the founder William Deutz.  Check out the video below and see how he feels about working in Champagne, and who he’d love to share a glass of bubbles with…santé Jean-Marc!

3 thoughts on “NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: A Quickie With Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz”

  1. Oh I loved him! So true what he said about how wine matching should be on a more sophisticated level… and thinking about what atmosphere you want to create etc….

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