New Wine This Week: The Plan For 2015!

Alphabet 2015
Cannot believe we’ve been through an entire year of New Wine This Week already? I remember chatting with Ant about this time last year and deciding to give it a go. From what I remember we started off with Aussie Riesling and never looked back from there really. So as much as we’ve all got new things we’re looking to do in 2015, it’d be too much of a shame to stop this!

So, cue the tweaking. I’ve got a company to launch, and a YouTube channel that I’m looking to work with, so time might not be as easy to come by to post 5 posts a week exclusively on NWTW. So it’s going to be every 2 weeks.

Next thing is we got to the stage where we’d pretty much exhausted most of the supermarket repertoires by Week 51, so new ideas were sometimes a tad tough to come by. So a theme is required!

26 fortnights in 2015, 26 letters in the alphabet. An A-Z of wine with New Wine This Week for 2015? Sounds like a plan.

Here’s the twist. I’m going to pick the first couple to take the pressure off, but for the rest of the year I’d love some of the readers to chip in and give me suggestions for other letters. I’m looking for wine/spirit related words. They can be countries, regions, grapes, or something like that.

The fortnight I do those letters then whoever made the suggestion will be invited to do it as a joint blog if they have a blog, or write guest blogs if they don’t.

That all make sense?

So here goes nothing….

A          Australia

B          Brandy

C          California






I          Ice Wine









R          Romania





W        Whiskey




Whoever comes up with an X gets a gold star on the fridge!

Obviously for this to work I need your help, so please get your suggestions in to

Thanks for reading guys and girls, looking forward to hearing from you all.



28 thoughts on “New Wine This Week: The Plan For 2015!”

  1. Well you know what, I reckon I might have to tweak the tweaks…I think we’re going to have to poll the outcomes of this

    I’ll run a poll for the following fortnight at the same time as doing the current week…

  2. While Frank stole the thunder with Xarel-lo, you can also go for Xynomavro. Uruguay would fit nicely for the U. And for the O you can go with Ojaleshi (Georgian grape). Yep, we can have fun with letters 🙂

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